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One Trick Domino's Pizza CEO Uses to Keep His Superstar Staff Motivated

It's not easy to cook up huge sales and stock gains.
What Does Donald Trump's Tax Plan Mean for You?

If Trump's tax plan passes, what does it mean for you? A little bit of money, and possibly a more expensive credit card bill.
European Stocks Called Higher, Pound Tumbles Ahead of May's Brexit Speech

European stocks are expected to open higher Monday, with Britain's FTSE 100 set to extend its record run amid yet another lurch lower for the pound on foreign exchange markets.
Affleck, Scorsese Drop Bombs

The crowd-pleasing NASA drama Hidden Figures has topped the box office for the second straight week, while a pair of high-priced prestige releases sputtered, reports the AP . Estimates on Sunday say Hidden Figures, a tale about African-American mathematicians in the 1960s space race, sold $20.5 million in tickets in...
Paula Patton: Robin Thicke Abused Our 6-Year-Old

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's custody battle is spiraling: A judge on Thursday denied the actress' request for an emergency hearing Patton was seeking in hopes of limiting her ex's time with 6-year-old son Julian, reports ET Online . Spanking appears to be at the root of the request: Julian is...
How to Vote Without Running Into Danger

Among security threats and confusing rules, here's what you need to know to vote in Tuesday's election.
Why Trump's Tariff Might Be Illegal

President-elect Donald Trump has reiterated his call for a tariff on companies that manufacture outside the United States. Here's the problem with that...
5 Hotels Where You Can Escape the Election Hubbub

Tune out, turn down the volume - choose the right getaway to get away from the electoral noise. Many hotels and inns are promoting their isolation and digital detox.
How much can the mechanic do without asking owner?

Can an auto shop automatically fix additional problems that I didn't authorize?
Amid political rancor, Martin Luther King to be honored at Atlanta church

By Rich McKay ATLANTA (Reuters) - Hundreds are expected to pack the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.s home church in Atlanta on Monday to mark the federal holiday for the slain civil rights leader, amid
Quiz: Can You Guess These Movie And TV Cats?

This quiz is catnip for feline fans.
Home remodeling on the rebound, led by millennials

Survey: These renovations are the most popular onesAmericans plan to do.
South Korea prosecutor seeks arrest of Samsung chief for bribery

By Ju-min Park and Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's special prosecutor on Monday sought a warrant to arrest the head of Samsung Group [SAGR.UL], the country's largest conglomerate,
At least four dead, 12 hurt in gunfight at Mexico music festival: organizers

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - At least four people were killed and 12 were injured early on Monday when a gunman opened fire outside the Blue Parrot nightclub in Mexico's Playa del Carmen resort during the
Are You Ready to Buy a House?

There are a number of factors, aside from cost, that you should think about before buying a new house.
Could Fintech Be in a Bubble?

Although there are signs of a fintech bubble that could burst, that hasn't kept venture capital from investing billions in fintech startups.
Another Celeb Backs Out of Inauguration After Uproar

Singer Jennifer Holliday has backed out as a performer at next week's presidential inaugural, saying she did not realize that her participation would be interpreted as a statement of support for President-elect Donald Trump. Holliday, best known for her Tony-winning role in Broadway's Dreamgirls , faced pressure from her gay, lesbian,...
Can a Salad Bar Upgrade Revive Ruby Tuesday?

Ruby Tuesday (NYSE: RT) has been struggling with the same difficulties that have been plaguing much of the restaurant industry, but interim CEO Lane Cardwell expects its revamped Garden Bar to help lead a turnaround. The chain saw second-quarter fiscal 2017 same-restaurant sales decline 4.1%, whichCardwell noted during the earnings call was "below our expectations." He did note that the company saw an improvement in customer traffic, which dropped only 2.8% -- a smaller decline than the previous quarter.
FBI Nabs 1 of 10 Most Wanted

A man placed on the FBI's list of 10 most-wanted fugitives after allegedly killing two men in Milwaukee was arrested Sunday in Texas, the FBI says. Terry Strickland, 24, was arrested in El Paso and booked into jail, the AP reports. He has been charged in Milwaukee with two counts...
7 milestones in life that trigger taxes

Those big events in your life have tax consequences -- some good, some bad.
5 mortgages that require little or no money down

Short on down-payment cash? You still have several affordable options.
10 most popular things credit card crooks buy

The bad guys use stolen cards to buy products that sell quickly on the black market.
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Family Braces for Trial in Daughter's 1984 Murder
When Candace Derksen went missing on her way home from school in Winnipeg in the fall of 1984, it took six weeks for volunteers to find her body—just a few hundred yards from her home, in a storage shed, where the 13-year-old who loved horses had been bound with... More >
Latest News
Trump: ObamaCare Replacement Is Ready to Go
Donald Trump says he's got a plan to replace ObamaCare ready to go—and there will be "insurance for everybody." In an interview with the Washington Post , the president-elect doesn't say much about the specifics of TrumpCare, though he does say there will be "lower numbers, much lower deductibles." He... More >
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