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5 Reasons Thanksgiving Doesn't Need Your Holiday Sympathy

Old cranks will complain that Thanksgiving is being forgotten in the holiday rush, but we've forgotten more about Thanksgiving than we acknowledge.
How to Get Sexy, Brigitte Bardot Hair at Home

Dessange Paris makes your French girl hair dreams come true
Hometown Businesses Soar Through Cash Mobs

Cash mobs inject excitement and revenue into local businesses by rejuvenating local economies and revitalizing interest in small businesses.
25 Cat Memes That Totally Get Every Beauty Girl's Struggle

These cats are basically us -- but cuter
Thanksgiving Tables Will Be Beneficiaries of Cheaper Gas, Says Stew Leonards CEO

The price of a Thanksgiving turkey may be higher than last year, but with gas prices lower, people are willing to pay more for an organic bird and trimmings.
Looks Like Leo Is Finally Going to Get His Oscar

Spoiler alert: Leonardo DiCaprio will likely be winning an Oscar next year for his role in The Revenant . The filmdirector Alejandro G. Inarritu's follow-up to Birdman , which got him three Oscars at this year's Academy Awardsis out on Christmas, and reviews are embargoed until Dec. 4, but the...
Rocky Spinoff Creed Is Surprisingly Good

The son of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed turns up in Philadelphia to be trained by his dead father's once-opponent Rocky Balboa in Creed a movie cheered by critics, who give it a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes . Here's what they're saying: "You'd expect a boxing movie to deliver the...
What To Do (And What Not to Do) With Your Year-End Bonus

Here's how to wake up on New Year's feeling you did the right thing with your year-end bonus
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Deals Attract Hackers

Hackers are already primed with malware and other phishing attacks as consumers embark on a season of holiday shopping with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner.
Homebuying Millennials Try to Find Real Estate Footing

While recent numbers show first-time home buying overall is down, Millennials are just starting to get into the market with a desire to buy -- but are they ready?
Give great holiday gifts that cost $10 or less

Impress your friends and loved ones with these inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gifts.
How to save for stuff you want but don't need

Saving isn't just about retirement security. It's OK to set aside money for fun. Really.
How Life Insurance Works in a Divorce

Learn the implications of life insurance in a divorce situation, and identify the steps you should take to ensure your policies are sorted out post-divorce.
9 Things You Need To Know About Homeowners' Associations

Restrictive rules and high fees are just some of the things to watch out for before joining an HOA.
Hunger Games Scores $101M Still Falls Short

Sometimes even when you're winning, you're losing. Such is the case of the final installment of the Hunger Games , which kicked aside James Bond and handily won this weekend's box office in its hefty $101 million debutyet, as USA Today notes, MockingjayPart 2 managed to come in dead...
How Pawnshops Make Money

Learn about the various ways that a pawn shop makes money, including the primary revenue sources of making personal loans and selling retail items.
Alabama Woman Missing in 2011 Tornado Found in Florida

A 53-year-old Alabama woman reported missing by her family following a series of deadly tornadoes in 2011 has been found safe and soundin Florida, AL.com reports. And no, she probably wasn't blown there. The tornadoes that hit Tuscaloosa in April 2011 killed dozens of people and damaged many...
Tyra Banks' fierce Beverly Hills mansion is for sale

Banks' Beverly Hills mansion is perfect if you're looking to live the "FabLife."
Do I owe more tax for inherited IRA distribution?

Compare the numbers on your 1040 with those sent by the IRS to find the problem.
5 best times that call for a prepaid debit card

A prepaid debit card can carry big fees, but here's when it may be the best way to pay.
10 Must-Have Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Tea

Brew up a special gift with these tea infusers, blends, kettles, and other tea products
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Teen's Disappearance May Be Solved After 25 Years
Rosemary Diaz was just 15 when she vanished while working at a country store just a half-mile from her home in Texas' Wharton County on Nov. 24, 1990. Police were unable to solve her disappearance even after the case appeared on America's Most Wanted , but new evidence suggests the man... More >
Latest News
Bad Idea: Trump Mocks Reporter With Disability
The New York Times is speaking out against Donald Trump for the second time this week after he appeared to mock a Times reporter's disability. At a rally in South Carolina on Tuesday, Trump continued to defend his claim that "thousands" of people in New Jersey cheered the 9/11 attacks... More >
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