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How Twitter Analysis of Brexit Predicted the 'Leave' Vote

If you listened to pundits and betting markets, you would have thought that Brexit would fail. But if you listened to Twitter sentiment, you'd know it was going to succeed.
11 Best Eyelash Products

Our readers choose these products for longer, lusher, healthier lashes
Out-of-State Students Helping to Keep In-State College Tuition Low in the Golden State

State higher ed aid cuts in the aftermath of the great recession continue to have an impact.
10 Party-Ready Buns That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Grab some bobby pins and hairspray -- we'll have you at your next seasonal soiree in record time
Deals of the Week: Pushback on Tesla Bid for SolarCity

M&A activity continues to show prominence of middle market deals, unfavorable comparisons to a year ago.
Selma Blair Has Disturbing Outburst on Plane

Selma Blair had a scary outburst on a plane Monday that ended with her being taken off the flight by stretcher and rushed to the hospital, People reports. Based on photos posted on Instagram , the actress had apparently flown to Cancun, Mexico, for Father's Day weekend with her 4-year-old son,...
John Oliver Schools America on Thursday's Brexit Vote

Not sure what or who a Brexit is? John Oliver understands why a good number of Americans may not, and so the HBO talk-show host took it upon himself to educate the US of A in an "epic" rant that Mashable calls a "thing of beauty." In Sunday's episode of...
5 Big Risks of Looking for a New Job While on the Job

If you're on a job hunt, and on the clock at work simultaneously, you could be in dangerous career territory.
Student Loans Make a Tight Real Estate Market Tighter

New report on the impact of students loans finds the influence of debt trickles down to apartment rentals.
Trip Cancellation Insurance: Why It's the New Must-Have for Traveling

Should you buy cancellation insurance? How about 'cancel for any reason' policies? Here are your answers.
Home remodeling on the rebound, led by millennials

Survey: These renovations are the most popular onesAmericans plan to do.
5 Biggest Benefits of VA Loans

These government-backed loans offer powerful advantages like $0 down payment, and more flexible requirements.
Papa John's Beats Domino's in Customer Service

Papa John's (NASDAQ: PZZA) has outscored rival Domino's Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) in a popular annual survey for the 15th time in the last 17 years. The company, which advertises that it makes "better pizza" because it uses "better ingredients," outscored its rival in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2016 Restaurant Report by a wide margin.
FedEx Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (FDX, UPS)

FedEx is testing three-month range support after Tuesday night earnings raised more questions than answers.
For 1st Time, Miss America Will Have an Openly Gay Contestant

Missouri has its first openly gay Miss Missouri, and she will represent the state at the Miss America pageant later this year, the AP reports. Erin O'Flaherty, 23, was crowned Miss Missouri on Saturday in Mexico, Missouri, and is the first openly gay woman to be named Miss Missouri, said...
Qualcomm Pushes Back on Patent Violations in China

After a lengthy battle with China's regulatory bodies over its patent licensing fees, which included paying a whopping $975 million finein February 2015 for abusing its dominant market position and engaging in anti-competitive behavior, Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) announced it is going back to a Chinese court.
Scientist Finds Tallest Mountain in US Arctic and a Surprise

It's been the subject of a half-century-long debate. But thanks to a new mapping technique, mountain experts have identified the tallest mountain in the US Arctic and uncovered a bit of a surprise as well. Using fodar , a technique he invented to map terrain using airborne photography, glaciologist Matt Nolan...
How 6 Olympic Athletes Deal with the Pressure

If keeping calm under pressure was an Olympic sport, these athletes would all be gold medalists. Watch the video to hear from Olympic athletes like Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, and others on how they stay cool in the face of fierce competition, the global spotlight and…oh, the hopes of an entire nation.
How foreigners pay tax on income from rental property

You have a choice on how tosettle atax billon rent money. Here's how it works.
Getting a VA loan for a short sale

Getting a VA loan may not be the easiest way for a veteran to buy a short sale, but it can be done.
9 Superfood Upgrades That Will Make Your Meals Even Healthier

Give every meal an upgrade with these hot superfood add-ins—all it takes is a sprinkle or scoop.
7 secrets to starting and keeping an emergency fund

Financial experts share insider advice aboutsaving for the unexpected.
How You Answer This Question May Say aLot About Your Happiness

When researchers asked people if they'd rather have more money or more time, they discovered an interesting link.
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Murder Conviction Reversed Thanks to Skype
Technology is great, except when you're trying to get someone convicted for murder and you have your DNA expert testify via Skype, which denies the defendant his Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses in court, which in turn gets the defendant (who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison)... More >
Latest News
After Brexit, 'Texit' Gains Steam in Texas
Not content with celebrating liberty on July 4, a group of Texans has gleaned inspiration from Brexit—the UK's decision to leave the EU —with its own push for independence. The similar-sounding "Texit" movement, which gained significant support online Friday, is mainly being pushed by the Texas Nationalist Movement , which... More >
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