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Black Friday Scorecard: Macy's Gets a 'B+' With Apparel, Watch Sales

The pricier items shoppers were buying at Macy's on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are a sign the U.S. economy is stronger than last year.
The Beauty Advent Calendars on Our Wish List

Count down to the holidays with these adorable beauty advent calendars
10 Coffee Drinks Worse Than a Candy Bar

Some fancy coffee drinks pack in as many calories as a small meal—and more sugar than you should eat in an entire day.
Real World Star Dead at 29

A hard night of partying the night before Thanksgiving may have led to the death of a 29-year-old Real World star. Ryan Knight, who appeared on the New Orleans version of the hit MTV show and its spinoff The Challenge , was found by friends yesterday morning, the Hollywood Reporter notes....
Holidays Are Here, but 33% of Us Still Spending Less Than in ���13

Whether asked before Halloween or as Thanksgiving arrived, the spending spirit doesn't mean people can ignore money worries.
Dozen-Plus Inmates Die After Gulping Down Drugs

At least 13 inmates are dead after prisoners in a Venezuelan prison rioted, stormed the on-site pharmacy, and swallowed whatever drugs they could get their hands on. The deceased inmates at the David Viloria correctional center in Lara state had all been part of a hunger strike that began Monday...
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Latest News
College Student Killed by Nut Allergy
A 19-year-old college student in Michigan has died after accidentally coming into contact with peanut butter at a friend's apartment on Nov. 19. The Oakland Press reports that Chandler Swink was diagnosed at age two with the most severe level of nut allergy—level six. Someone at the apartment had... More >
Latest News
Antikythera Mechanism Gives Up More Secrets
The incredible Antikythera Mechanism , an astronomical calculator unlike anything else that appeared for the next 1,000 years, is a "device out of time," experts say—and they now have a better idea what time it is out of. The mechanism, which was apparently able to accurately predict eclipses and... More >
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