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3 Common Investment Traps and How to Avoid Major Portfolio Damage

These three mistakes can end up costing investors a lot of money and wreck their portfolios.
17 Galaxy Hair Ideas That Bend the Space-Time Continuum

The latest hair color trend has us modeling our manes after the Milky Way. Here, our favorite looks
Tax Relief Bill in the Works for Student Loan Write-Offs

Senate bill would alter IRS code; income-based and income-driven repayment plans would no longer be taxable.
8 Grown-Up Charms to Add Flair to Your Handbag

These quirky but elegant purse accessories are topping our fall wish lists
Retail Showdown: Burlington Stores a Better Buy Than Walmart

The discount retailer has better profit margins and same-store sales than Walmart.
Someone Turned 3: New Prince George Photos Released

Prince William and his wife Kate have released new photos of their son, Prince George, to mark his 3rd birthday, the AP reports. The photos distributed Fridayhis birthdayshow George playing on a swing and sitting with the family pet, a dog named Lupo. The four photos were taken...
Third Eye Blind Booed Heartily During Taunting RNC Show

As if this election year couldn't get any stranger, Third Eye Blind is relevant again after taunting a largely Republican audience at a charity gig Tuesday in Cleveland. The band, playing in support of Musicians on Call at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was loudly booed throughout its...
Pool Household Income to Buy a Home with HomeReady

A new mortgage from Fannie Mae could smooth the path to homeownership for people who have trouble getting loans.
New CommonBond Funding Expected to Provide a Build-Out to Student Loan Refinancing

New York re-fi vendor expects to combine loan assessment with links to 401(k) contribution.
Millennial Are Not Averse to Debt When Building Their Business

While studies have shown Millennials to be wary of falling into debt, there appears something that they are willing to fall into the red for -- their own small business.
How to dump private mortgage insurance ASAP

Take these measures to get rid of that pesky private mortgage insurance.
3 ways to refinance into a VA home loan

If you qualify, a Veterans Affairs mortgage may be a great way to snag a low rate.
FUSEX: Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Fund Investor Portfolio Trends

Evaluate the composition of the Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Fund Investor Shares, and study how the fund's makeup has evolved in recent months.
OAKBX: Oakmark Equity & Income Fund's Top Holdings Analysis

Learn about the top five holdings in the Oakmark Equity and Income fund. The fund has had the same portfolio manager since 1995 and has a four-star rating.
Michelle Obama Spits Rhymes in Carpool Karaoke

It's been almost eight years since Michelle Obama was able to sit in a passenger seat and sing along to the radio, so it's a good thing James Corden stopped by the White House recently. In the latest edition of Carpool Karaoke, Corden drives Obama repeatedly around the White House...
3 Differences Between Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett

Analyze three key differences between Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Learn how value investing principles were applied differently by each investor.
Star Trek Sends Pets Walking

After weeks atop the box office, Secret Life of Pets isn't so secret anymore, and Star Trek Beyond went boldly to the No. 1 spot, scoring a $59.6 million to Pets' $29.3 million. With Idris Elba debuting as villain Krall, the film notched an 84% rating on Rotten...
How This Grown-Up Coloring Book Can Help You Heal From Grief

You have to see this bereavement counselor's surprising take on the adult coloring book craze. 
Finding the right refi option for your VA home loan

With rates so low, veterans should consider a VA loan refi. But weigh the pros and cons.
Is a mortgage with no closing costs for you?

A no-closing-cost mortgage can save you thousands in upfront fees. But it's not for every buyer.
13 Healthy High-Fat Foods You Should Eat More

Low fat is officially over! Here are more than a dozen high-fat superstars you can and should enjoy as part of your healthy diet.
Will I owe tax on inheritance from Dad?

You won't get taxed to death for your inheritance. Here's what you need to know.
49 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Feeling Full

Drop pounds and slim down with these mental tricks.
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Blood-Stained Leaves Hold Truth of King Albert's Death
As far as souvenirs go, they were gory ones: bloodied leaves and stones collected during the wee hours of Feb. 18, 1934, by Belgian villagers who lived near Marche-les-Dames. King Albert I had set off on a solo climb amid the area's 600-foot-tall peaks on the 17th, having instructed his... More >
Latest News
Cops: Man Busted in Decades-Long Secret Life That Fooled His Wife
When Richard Hoagland fled Indiana in 1993, leaving behind four children from two families, he was considered missing and in 2003 declared dead. In reality, police say he was alive and well, living in Florida as Terry Jude Symansky, an unmarried Florida fisherman with no kids who drowned in 1991—... More >
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